FCOAUX60 Auxiliary Firing Board

FCOAUX60 Firing Board

The FCOAUX60 operates in conjunction with the FCRO4100, FCOG6100 or FCOVF6100, where operation of more than four,or six are required. Typical examples would be paralleled SCR applications and 4-Quadrant operation.

    Key Features

    • Increases number of SCRs fired from standard firing boards
    • For use with FCRO4100, FCOG6100 and FCOVF6100
    • Voltage operation to 600 Vac


    • Gating Parallel SCR’s
    • Reversing Power Supplies
    • 12-Pulse Applications
    • Two Speed Controllers
    • Remote Operations


    Technical Details

    The FCOAUX60 is designed to be used with the FCOG6100 firing board.  This board extends the firing board applications in order to allow for gating parallel SCR’s or forming reversing power supplies.  The FCOAUX60 may also be used in conjunction with either the FCOG6100 or FCRO4100 boards to gate parallel SCR’s.  For more information please refer to the Product Guide.