PCP Series Power Control Panel

PCP Series Power Control Panel

PCP style assemblies are used in applications up to 1600 amps RMS where maximum heat dissipation is required.  Three dual SCR modules are mounted on individual heatsinks which are in turn attached to a formed aluminum panel. 

The SCR firing board, regulation board, and snubber board are also mounted on the aluminum plate.  The assembly typically mounts in an opening of a control cabinet with the heatsink fins exposed to outside air. Cooling can be by natural convection, forced air, or integral fans depending on the ambient air conditions and heat dissipation requirements.

 Key Features:

  • High current capability (1600 amps RMS)
  • Flexible control system integration
  • Simple cabinet mounting


  • Rectifiers and Controllers up to 1600A RMS
  • Cranes, Water Purification, Heating Control+++


Technical Details

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