Three Phase SCR Firing Boards

Three Phase

The industry standard Enerpro FCOG6100 remains a proven solution for industrial power supplies, battery chargers, motor and generator controllers. Other boards feature additional six gate outputs and polarity transition circuits, high voltage tolerant, high output gate pulse transformers and increased creepage distances. 

FCOG6100 Standard Firing Board

The FCOG6100 provides economical and reliable phase-angle control of SCR AC controllers and DC converters operated from three-phase mains. The board features six isolated gate drives, independently configurable soft start/soft stop control inputs, and an analog delay angle command input configurable for a variety of common voltage or current ranges. A variety of current and voltage regulator boards are available in addition to auxiliary firing boards for remote or parallel SCR arrangements.
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FRS6100 Three Phase Firing Board

FCOG61BP Bi-Polar Firing Board

The FCOG61BP firing board is based on the FCOG6100 three-phase, six-SCR firing board. It features an additional set of six gate outputs and a polarity transition circuit, allowing users to easily realize four-quadrant rectifier and series-reversing AC controller circuit topologies.
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FCOG61BP Firing Board

FCOVF6100 Variable Frequency Firing Board

The FCOVF6100 variable frequency firing board provides the functionality of the industry-standard FCOG6100 firing board for applications with variable-frequency AC mains. An onboard frequency compensation scheme makes the firing circuit less sensitive to line frequency variations while an isolated DC-DC converter provides enhanced control power flexibility. The FCOVF6100 is offered in a standard 30-140 Hz frequency of operation range and customer-specific ranges to 600Hz.
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FCOVF6100  Firing Board

FCOG61HV Hi Voltage Firing Board

The FCOG61HV firing board combines the circuitry of the FCOG6100 firing board with high voltage tolerant, high output gate pulse transformers and increased creepage distances. This provides enhanced isolation for AC line voltages to 900 Vac and enhanced gate trigger current for large area devices.
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FCOG61HV Firing Board

FRS300 Firing/Regulator/Snubber Board

The FRS300 firing/regulator/snubber board is specifically designed for three-phase semiconverter applications. It includes our ASIC-based firing circuit, a current and voltage regulator, and a snubber circuit integrated on a single board. This provides a complete, compact and economical package for battery chargers, welding equipment, and DC bus generation where power quality is not an issue.
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FRS300 Three Phase Firing Board


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